Climate pledge

At CryztalClear we believe in the future. A sustainable future. But producing ice  the traditional way is tough on environment as lots of energy is needed.

Our founders are proud Danes, the country of windmills, so obviously we look to modern technology to help us create ice with less impact on the environment. We use electricity produced by wind turbines, and we collect and filter rainwater to reduce our need for precious groundwater.

In developing our packaging, we focus on recycled materials and we actively encourage our customers to separate waste and we make it as easy as possible for them through our packaging design. Our plastic materials are made of “PET” because it is easily recyclable, and our cardboard materials are recycled and ready to be recycled again.

Overall, we do everything we can to limit our footprint and make it easy for you to choose our products while maintaining the environment a priority.

That’s why our ice – is cooler than ice.