Cooler than ice

Clear ice does not contain air bubbles or impurities. Therefore it melts slower – cooling your drink with less dilution. 

Impress your guest with our headspinning crystal clear mega cubes. The “coolness factor” is cooler than ice – watch the video and judge for yourself!

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Ice is the one ingredient that is universal to almost every cocktail made.

Why would you ever want to compromise on that?

Frédéric Houvert
Award winning bartender

Some people seem to think  ice is just frozen water.

They've probably never been to a real cocktail bar. Ice is EVERYTHING! 

Titus Channing
Owner - TC Cocktails, NY

Our business

Clear Ice

Premium, crystal clear ice is the basis of all our products.

Wind Power

We care about climate - that's why we only use wind power.

Purified water

Using complex water treatment removes all impurities.

Take your cocktails to the next level!

Get in touch and be inspired – we will craft customized ice for you.

Climate impact

Producing ice requires energy – lots of it, unfortunately. At CryztalClear we are committed to limit our footprint, so we purchase certified windpower, use purified water  – and recyclable materials for packaging.

That’s why our ice is “cooler than ice”. 

Because we care. 

Recyclable packaging
Purified water